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$67 Million Was 
Spent Legally 
Invading your 

(Court authorized bugs 
and wiretaps in 1989) 

That figure is surely dwarfed by comparing it to illegal and unregulated electronic sur- 
veillance. Are you at risk? Can you protect yourself? If you are an individual concerned 
about privacy, a corporation concerned about industrial espionage, or a law enforcement 
officer looking for the latest technology, you need Full Disclosure. 

Full Disclosure Magazine is recognized as the leading source for information on surveil- 
lance technology. ABC World News Tonight came to Full Disclosure during their coverage 
^ of the John Gotti trial for a demonstration of electronic surveillance equipment. Glen 
L. Roberts, Editor, Full Disclosure, was featured on. CNN's coverage of Surveillance Expo 
'92. He has also been interviewed on over 100 radio stations on all aspects of privacy, 
surveillance, and related topics, such as how to get a copy of your FBI file. 

Full Disclosure Magazine is owned by Continental Investigations Group Ltd., a detective 
agency run by a team of experts in the field of computers, telecommunications, and 
former intelligence officers. Subscribe today and keep up to date as technology blasts 
into the 21st century! 

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San Diego, CA 92196-2478 
Voice: (619) 5^8-9247 l:30pm-5:30i)m PST 
BBS/FAX: (619) 578-9247 6:00|)m-l:00pm, PST